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The Great Return!

Updated: Mar 3

Dr. Jeff Kahrs

It has been way too long that I have not seen my friends in Kenya. Over three years ago was the last time I set foot in a country we have all come to love and worked side by side with the people we respect and admire. Now on Sept. 13, 2022 I finally fulfill a vow I made and have kept for almost ten years. We shall return. Three little words that carry so much power and yet many others have said the same thing and never went back. They just took what they wanted and left. We will not take anything except great memories and amazing experiences and we will always return until we cannot physically get on the plane. But it just isn't the same working from here. You don't get to see the smiles. You don't get the hugs from the children who are just excited to see that someone outside of Kenya cares about them. We don't get to break bread with our people and share meaningful time together. I am already warning my patients that when I get back I will be on fire and many of them see and share my passion for our work. We will have new people with us this time and that is always special. They see a giraffe for the first time and it reminds us of how in awe we were with our first sighting. After so many trips we get jaded and have to be reminded of how special our time is over there.

We are all excited to return. We have much work to do yet. It will never be done. We bring others to learn, hopefully to catch fire with our passion, and bring the message of our work back home to inform others. I believe everybody wants to help but for many reasons that are all valid they do not.

Can I trust these people with my money? Will it actually go to the people that need it? Are the projects really going to get done? The answers are very easy for our group. We are small so every penny goes to support the people of Kenya. We get receipts and take pictures so you can actually see what we talk about. And being a small group we connect with people we know and they know they can trust us to do what we say.

I am just so excited to return to Kenya in about a month! Watch your social media and you will be there with us! Thank you to all who have helped us along the way and to those who have been the boots on the ground with the sweat, the dust and yes the tears.

From a Plate of Fruit?

By Dr. David Neubauer

Chiropractors, manual therapists, and osteopaths now have a place to practice their healing arts at Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital (KMH). In September 2021, sitting at a breakfast table in Kenya, a dream to build a chiropractic, manual therapy healing center took a giant step forward. By Dr. David Neubauer The design of the center started on a plate of fruit. It progressed to a digital sketch and then continued with a layout scratched on a plot of dirt. Twelve months later, the Manual Therapy Healing Center (MTHC) is now complete.

The MTHC is a place designed for chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, and other therapists to adjust the spine, extremities, and other articulations of the body. It beautifully blends with the Kenyan landscape with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. This coming September, four chiropractors and other healthcare assistants will be traveling to KMH to examine and treat those in need of our services. We are looking forward to our chance to use this facility for the first time as our medical friends at KMH have LOTS of patients to refer for our care. We will document our visit carefully and share with everyone how things go in hopes that, one day, we will have chiropractors and manual therapy specialists scheduled regularly to serve in this facility.

We THANK our generous donors who made the building of this healing center possible. Your generous contribution is literally a gift that keeps on giving!

Stay tuned!! The update on our September 2022 visit will be shared soon!


The generator room is almost complete! They are waiting for the roof top concrete to dry up then we'll organize the transfer of the battery system.


In 2021 we raised $240,000.00 with the help of 127 amazing donors. THANK YOU so much for your generosity and support!!

Our goal for monthly reoccurring donors for 2022, to cover hospital equipment, supplies, and staff salaries is $5,483 per month.

This monthly fee ensures patients will continue to be served. Our hopes and prayers are for generous monthly donors to continue helping us with this expense. Please consider being one of our faithful monthly reoccurring donors. Thank you to all who have participated in this campaign thus far!


Employee Spotlight

By Dr. Scott Smith

As with any business in Kenya we have guards as part of our medical team to protect our property from wild animals and thieves. Maasai are known for their bravery and are frequently employed as watchmen throughout East Africa. I would like to introduce our two Maasai guards, Sammy and Paul. We certainly appreciate their joyful and loyal work for KMH.

"When you have good health, you are happy. You can be able to talk, work or do anything. Thank you KMH for bringing good health, the community is happy." Sammy Tokore

My name is Paul Leyiesek Merin. Am 35yrs old and more so I am a father of 6 kids. I thank God because my parents are still alive. I appreciate them so much as they are very humble. I am the first born in my family. I would like to thank you very much for your employment opportunity, for sure it makes a difference in my life and family. May Almighty God who created Heaven and Earth have blessings and mercies on you all.

Wellness Tips

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy can seem expensive, but with a little planning and a few diet changes it is quite possible to eat nutritious meals without breaking the bank.

  1. Plan you meals ahead of time. Planning ahead helps avoid those last minute food purchases which could be more expensive due to the convenience.

  2. Cook at home. Eating out can cost twice as much or more.

  3. Buy whole foods instead of processed foods which could cost more.

  4. Replace meat with other sources of protein.

  5. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables when the fresh produce is not in season.

  6. Grow your own produce if you can.

Give to support the mission of KMH. Donations are tax deductible.

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