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Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital is Open for Business

Updated: Mar 3

In 2010 a seed was planted in Dr. Scott Smith’s mind by Bible School International founders Ken and Sandy Taylor to build a clinic that could eventually expand into a hospital in the village of Kimana. For ten years, Dr. Smith and a handful of visionary individuals have labored to acquire the land, design a facility, and draw architectural plans that would honor the Kenyan landscape and complete the construction. The structure, beautifully designed and carefully constructed has been completed and completely paid for! The Kenya Medical Board has granted KMH a license to operate as a 20 bed Faith Based Medical Institution. We opened our doors on March 1, 2021! The challenge now is to raise the dollars that will ensure the doors stay open. To accomplish this we invite you to consider joining us in investing in our mission.

The Grand Opening!

By Dr. Scott Smith

After 8 years of planning and building, KMH opened its doors on Monday morning, March 1st, with prayers and Bible readings from local pastors Rev. Daniel and Rev. Joshua, welcoming remarks from directors of the District hospital, and speeches from key stakeholders. This was followed by refreshments and cake cutting. The celebration continued with everyone meeting at the hospital entrance where the gate was anointed with with oil followed by dancing and singing in Maasai as the procession was led to the clinic. The cutting of the ribbon was shared with Dr. Ken Otieno ( KMH Hospital Administrator), Dr. Chesum (DMO Loitokitok Hospital) and Dr. Smith (KMH CEO).

The radiology department is equipped with a new ultrasound as well as portable X-ray machine. The lab is furnished with an autoclave, chemistry analyzer, microscope, centrifuge and most of the equipment of a modern facility. The pharmacy is stocked with most of the essential medications. A modern vaccine refrigerator is being purchased with a cold plate which will maintain critical temperature for up to 48 hours in the event of electrical failure.

KMH would like to thank Dr. Nick Hatton and Anthony Mwaura for engineering and building the portable X-ray stand from local materials.

KMH’s first patient was our very own night guard, Sammy. Sammy was greeted by Paul (the runner) and registered by Sarah. He was then taken to the nurses station for intake and vital signs with Tess RN followed by examination by Dr. Ken.

"It was just so beautiful to see it! Philipo did such a wonderful job and continues to do beautiful work on the finishing touches of the hospital. It made me so happy to see all the equipment come into the hospital and see it all come together!" said Heidi Smith

Donating and volunteering is important to the work we do at Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital. The rewards of giving back and contributing to someone in need is often incomprehensible. Giving back feels GOOD and there are many ways you can contribute towards our cause, and every little bit that you do goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good, please email us at

"What Just Happened?!"

By Dr. David Neubauer

There are times in Africa when on a moment's notice things just happen. The immediate, spontaneous reflection is often… “Did that just really happen?!?!” A lion walks just steps away from the openness of your jeep. Once safely by, you catch your breath and say, “Did that just really happen?!?!” The same often occurs with, elephants, giraffes, and animals of all sorts. But it’s the people of Kenya and the encounters we’ve shared that most often makes us think, “Did that just really happen?!?!” My first full day in Kenya, 2015 was spent meeting and treating the teaching staff and children of Ingrid school located on the outskirts of Nairobi. Ingrid School educates about 150 underprivileged children and orphans in the middle of the Matopeni slum area, where poverty, hunger, illness, and deprivation prevail. The school was founded by a local group of volunteer teachers who saw the need to bring education to the children to improve their futures in a very harsh environment.

After giving us a tour of the school, Principal Douglas called a school assembly and asked that we teach the children about chiropractic care and it’s influence on health. Principal Douglas volunteered as our model during the demonstration of how we palpate the spine, looking for restrictions of mobility and alignment that interfere with a healthy expression of the nervous system and thus life. Following his evaluation he received his first ever chiropractic adjustment. The dynamic release of his fixated spine was quite profound AND liberating at the same time. It was a moment he says he will never forget. But MY greatest recollection from that moment was quite different because as Douglas stood up, he turned to us… shook our hands… and with a smile on his face he asked, “Can you check my children now?”

What?!?! ALL of them?!? Now?!? What about a parent’s approval? Douglas assured us that many of the children were homeless and orphans. Those with parents would definitely have permission from them to receive something so important for their health. For the next two and a half hours, Dr. Jeff Kahrs, (affectionately known as “Rhino”), myself, and Dr. Warren checked and adjusted over 100 kids, teachers and parents who showed up out of nowhere when they heard what was going on at the school.

We ended the day saying to each other… “What just happened here?!?” It was so amazing, wonderful, inspiring, and fulfilling all at the same time knowing that our treatments were received by such beautiful children with the loving intent it was given. This was my introduction to chiropractic in Kenya. We now have the opportunity to bring chiropractic to Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital in Kimana, Kenya where thousands will receive the benefits of it’s use. Working side by side in a medical, chiropractic, and dental integrated setting, people of this region will have the advantage of receiving quality healthcare under one roof. Or as the case at times might be… under an Acacia Tree.

When Dreams Become Reality

By Dr. Kennedy Otieno

Are dreams still valid? Talk of them being made a reality! It all started as a joke with Dr. Dav from Minnesota on how I‘d love to be a chiropractor. As impossible as it seemed, it was just spoken out lightly and it just passed. One time here, back in 2018, at Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital, we hosted students from Kenya Medical Training College, Oloitoktok, myself being at the corner trying to catch a glimpse of how Dr. Dav was practicing his skills on the students, I got impressed and my dream grew closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Later that year, Dav suggested that I visit him in Minnesota and learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be a chiropractor. We all have that one moment where we aren't sure what or how to feel, I was in that state of mind. Covered and mixed up in all sorts of emotions, I was excited, happy, and nervous at the same time. With approximately 10 Chiropractors in the country, it got me jovial that I would make it to the list one day. I travelled to Minnesota where I underwent the lessons with the help of Dr. Dav, then travelled to Alexandria where I was trained by Dr. Pete and finally to North Carolina where I met with Dr. Mark and Missi. The four Doctors made my dream a reality and since then, I live in the realization that chiropractors are indeed gems.

KMH is now a facility which has the rarest service of having chiropractic services, I am now able to offer both general medical care and still pursuing a lifetime reality as chiropractor.

Being made an overseer of all that happens in the hospital, setting up everything, and the launch ceremony were some of the challenging moments, but thanks to the team of colleagues, KMH was launched in all success. Aside from all the daily hick ups, the Good Lord has been present to equip us with knowledge on how to handle upcoming challenges. Come one come all with those neuromuscular disorders, we got you!

Wellness Tips From Dr. Ken

Proper balanced diet for breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding is a key decision each mother should take for the benefit of the baby. As a breastfeeding mother, there isn’t a day that your body ceases milk production for your baby. As a result, many tend to feel hungry more often because lots of energy is channeled towards the process.

Dietary tips for breastfeeding mothers

1. Nuts are a whole powerhouse of nutrition, they are high in minerals such as iron, calcium as well as vitamin K and B. 2. Beans and Legumes are a good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. They do not only help in the mothers’ general health but they ensure she has a good supply of milk. 3. Avocados contains about 80% fat that help maintain a feeling of fullness, moreover, they are a good source of vitamin C,E,K and potassium.


It supplies all the necessary nutrients to the baby.

Boosts and builds’ the baby’s immune system

Easily digested, no constipation effects.

Give to support the mission of KMH. Donations are tax deductible.

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